Kitchen Remodel: Phase 2 - Demo!

I've wrapped up installing new cabinets and new appliances on the south wall of our kitchen. It's pretty much done.

Well, pretty much done,... except the permanent countertops, backsplash, toe-kicks, paint, and some kind of filler at the top of the cabinets. Regardless, we're using it now and already love it.

Temporary countertops in their glory

Temporary countertops in their glory

Now with a slight turn to the left, I'm turning my attention to the north wall. The hideous, outdated north wall. 


It's the same 1970's wooden cabinetry with a bumped-out soffit covered with an ugly wallpaper depicting an oil-painty scene of grapes and crown molding.

We believe the pass-through window to the family room the original back window of the house. It's a weird little thing that doesn't belong in the center of the home.

Our new kitchen design plan from Inspired Kitchen Design opens it up quite a bit. It's going to be a lot of work requiring some plumbing, electrical and framing work. That soffit is coming down to make room for 40" upper cabinets for more storage.

I may have an excuse to buy some more tools.  It think I'm up to it.

Fun With Demolition

I got my demo tools out and started the tear-out of the cabinets and soffit. 

I've been breaking this project into bite-size weekend and evening pieces, starting and stopping with enough time for cleanup. We're continuing to live in the war-zone during the week. Admittedly, we've probably already broken some sort of world's record for carryout food consumption.

I looked at my photos at the end of the day and decided to make it into a quick slide show / movie. I think you still have time to nominate it for an Academy Award...

I hope you liked it. I may do more of video in the future, especially when I've already shown similar content with previous, still-shot blog posts.  Like demolishing the south wall. Remember to follow my You-Tube Channel to keep up with future content. 

If you're just joining me for the kitchen remodel on this 18th episode, you can check out the whole saga on my Featured Projects: Kitchen Remodel page.  

I've got some great stuff coming up on this project, including some sweet, new tools to put through their paces.