I'm pleased to be featured by Bernzomatic, the premier manufacturer of high quality torches. As a Bernzomatic Torchbearer, I'm sharing my stories of repair, renovation, and creation using their fire breathing tools. 


"Inspiration. Fire. Torch Bearers. The Torch Bearers are a group of tradespeople, DIYers, culinarians, adventurers and artists brought together to create projects using Bernzomatic torches and share their knowledge and ideas with you. Check them out here and get inspired to create with fire."

This campaign is an award winner! 2017 Silver Anvil - Public Relations Society of America, 2017 Diamond SABRE Award for Superior Achievement in Brand-Building, Platinum SABER Award for the Best Public Relations Campaign of 2016,              

The Huffington Post

I tripped across this one by the Huffington Post / Hometalk when I followed a Facebook post about my friend Jeff over at Home Repair Tutor being featured. Surprise, surprise, there was one of my little posts included too. It's a nice article and it's awesome to be featured alongside Home Repair tutor, Kevin O'Connor of This Old House, and a couple other great bloggers.

Here's the article: 11 Repairs You Can Do Yourself Without Calling in an Expert



Popular Mechanics

The article: 10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With a Torch features my torch paint stripping project with Bernzomatic.  Fire: Is there anything it can't do? by Brett Martin



I was honored to be interviewed by Doug who runs the site. Give it a listen to hear about how I got started in DIY home improvement the launch of the AZ DIY Guy's Projects blog. It was a lot of fun!

Check out the mp3 here, or iTunes here. Give him a good review over on iTunes too! Thanks Doug!

Update: I visited the Thumb and Hammer - Home Improvement Podcast again to talk about hiring contractors and negotiating contracts. Check out that episode on mp3 here, or iTunes here

Crafty Chica

Kathy is one of my fellow Bernzomatic Torchbearers, a craft blogger, author, and "Creativepreneur". She's also one of the few Arizona based DIY bloggers I've run across. Crafty Chica featured a couple of my own, more crafty projects in her post: Things to make with a torch. Check out her jewelry making skills!


Home Repair Tutor Podcast.

In addition to two websites, great YouTube tutorials, and a huge Facebook group, my blogging buddy, Jeff Patterson, puts out a new, short podcast episode every weekday (!!!) I really enjoy his positive energy and great info. He shares tips, techniques, tricks, and deals on tools and materials. He also routinely features cool projects from other DIY bloggers. In this episode, he featured my post about installing a Leviton, Humidity Control Switch in a Bathroom.

Check out the mp3 here, or iTunes here. Give him a good review over on iTunes too! Thanks Jeff!


This is an honor to be featured on the web-page of the "Dean of Home Improvement" They've featured several of my articles on

Later, I was chosen as one of their Featured Contributors. I'm in good company, there's some really good stuff on this site.

2015 update - looks like they stopped the Bob's bloggers program. All those posts by my fellow bloggers and I appear to be gone. It's still a good site to poke around on. / Yahoo Finance / Fox Business did a nice story about our Family Room Remodel titled, "DIY remodeling yields rewards, vexations" by Marcie Geffner. It was an interesting comparison between my own DIY renovation experience and cautionary advice by authors that promote hiring pros for difficult projects.

It was a great experience to be interviewed about the project.
Fox Business and Yahoo Finance ran the story as well. Although Fox replaced my photo with a younger looking dude and they both changed the title to be a little easier to understand using "frustrations" rather than "...vexations". I wonder why?

Kreg Tool Company

Kreg ran my review of the Keg Jig Junior in their January 2013 newsletter. It was a pretty neat experience to stumble across it and be surprised. I had no prior knowledge they'd be using it. It's down on the lower left of the page.

So I Married a Craft Blogger

 It is a lamp, you nincompoop, but it's a Major Award. I won it!  It  is indeed an honor to be sole recipient of the "Manliest link up so far to Man link up" award for my post Stubble: The Ultimate Power Tool at So I Married a Craft Blogger. Of course, I may have been the only man ever to ever link to his blog where he casts his testosterone-fulled gaze over the brutal world of craft blogging.

DEWALT - Fan of the Week

Superfan! When you get picked as "Fan of the Week" in DeWalt's Facebook Photo Contest, you get some sweet new black and yellow swag! It was my first submission; I guess they liked me being all safety-efied up in front of one of my favorite tools.