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We have a basic 1979 tract home in Phoenix, AZ. The place renovated and expanded, before we owned it, by a herd of drunken, crosseyed wildebeests. We're renovating it, bit by bit. My wife is really the idea person in our little team. I somehow make it happen.

For years, I've slowly collected tools and learned how to do larger and more challenging projects. Still, I'm no expert...

This is our third home. After we married in our home state of Michigan, we left all our friends and family and moved to Arizona. We purchased and (sort-of) renovated one in Tempe, AZ before I was transferred to East Texas. There, we took our real estate gains and had large 4 bedroom home built. We stayed there until my job soured after 9/11. It took a bit of doing, but we bailed out of Texas. Now, we're slowly renovating the 1979 (location / location / location) eyesore into our "forever house", back in Arizona.

 My beautiful wife "Sweetie" stays behind the scenes on the blog, but is truly the brains behind the projects we choose to handle.

We have two awesome kids, to keep us on our toes, and like to get involved in the projects. 

With some exceptions, I have been less than pleased with the results after hiring contractors to do work on the house, so I tackle these projects with a rabid DIY (Do It Yourself) approach. 

By taking baby-steps, both with project difficulty, and obtaining tools, I believe anyone can handle most projects. After all, you can eat an elephant, one bite at a time (with Frank's Red Hot Sauce) and have a great time doing it, especially if you get to use power tools. Don't get me wrong, I still hire the pros when it's the right thing to do.

I'm not a pro, I'm an office chair jockey, but I did get a taste of trade experience several years ago, working as a commercial electrician. It was short-lived, as I was promoted into an administrative position.

This blog is a side project. I like sharing my adventures with the world and injecting my dorky sense of humor.  I get to fiddle around with the graphic arts that I went to school for, but never used professionally. It helps me de-stress and interact with some truly great people around the 'net. 


I hope to share my love for working with my hands. I'm just an average family-guy on a budget. Hang out, have some laughs, and take a look around. Please keep visiting and let me know what you think.


PS - I'd be honored if you'd subscribe, follow me my social channels!  I'll keep it coming. 


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