Quick Tip: disposable gloves

For "First Aid - Heath Care - Baby Care - Serious DIY"
I've recently started using disposable gloves for messy work. As a family dude, it seems like every time I open a can of paint, I get called back into the house for something. There's always a huge tragedy, like a 5 year old that absolutely must have some cucumbers or a fresh glass of milk, NOW!!!. Other times, it's been a lady trapped in the bathroom when the pocket door falls off the track, a broken glass, or a bunny in the backyard that must be looked at. Perhaps, it's just lunchtime.

I just keep a box in one of my tool cabinets and grab a couple before starting.

Regardless of the reason for my hasty retreat from a project, I normally have wet paint on my hands when I need to pop back in for a minute. It's nice to simply slip off the gloves and pitch them in the trash before leaving the room.

I also use them for other messy work, like working on the car. They're good when you don't want dirt, glue, oil, or paint under your fingernails or all over your hands when you have to go meet with someone or make an emergency run out to the grocery for a can of evaporated milk. It saves huge time, otherwise spent doing the surgeon's scrub down at the laundry sink.
You can find them cheap, at the drugstore or on Amazon here: Ansell Vinyl - Touch Powder Free, Latex Free Disposable Gloves 50 ea