Following Up: Repair and Healing

I realize I don't do a ton of follow up on past projects here on AZ DIY Guy. What happens after the camera crew leaves, the circus tent comes down, and the roadies break down the stage? Here's a quick visit on how a couple of my more recent repairs are holding up.

Repair Project #1: The Fallen Cactus

Back then...

About 10 months ago, a microburst storm knocked down what was probably our ugliest cactus. I stood it back up and carted it to a new location, away from the shade of the big mesquite. 

I plugged it in and propped it up to see if it could survive.

I took the bucket off and left it. I didn't even water it, winter rains gave it an occasional drink.

Here's the whole post from yesteryear if you'd like to take a visit: 


... and now

The wooden bracing is bowed and weatherbeaten, but the disheveled cactus is still vertical,... and it's green; It's still alive.

The sun had pretty much destroyed the old bungie cords.

I pulled all the wooden bracing and cleaned up the cord residue. I felt bad, when I realized I'd originally pulled those bungie cords out of the trunk of Dad's Miata. Bungee cords aren't exactly a heirloom inheritance, but in hindsight I wish I hadn't wrecked them.  


I spent some time cleaning the dirt and seedpods that were still clinging to the sides from the original crash to the ground.

I gave it a little wiggle from the top and feel it's steady enough without the bracing. I think I'm going to leave the lava rocks against the base, just for a little support. 

Repair project #2: Thumbs up!

Back then...


I kept the tale on social media, but you may have spotted it in various blog posts. This repair was on yours truly. Did you catch it about 5 months ago? I was opening my dandy new electronic protractor to do layout for my Distressed Wooden Flag Project.   

Just for a second, I cut cut towards myself (like an idiot). 

For that one moment of idiocy, I got a trip to the urgent care...

...and a difinitive end to any possibility of my career as a hand model.


... and now

Thumbs up.