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Site Summary

AZ DIY Guy's Projects is an, intelligently-written, occasionally humorous, blog focused on DIY (Do-it-Yourself) empowerment. Articles are written in a personal, storytelling style and revolve around experiences as a family-focused homeowner's adventures with renovation, repair, tools, and materials.

AZ DIY Guy's Projects enjoys a wide readership, spread across gender and generations in the United States and around the world. I enjoy regular engagement with my readers through direct communication, the blog, and social media activity.

Brand Partnering

AZ DIY Guy's Projects is proud to have worked with many brands as well as their representative media companies to bring wonderful products to the attention of readers. Many of the brands have partnered with AZ DIY Guy for repeat or ongoing campaigns.

Here are few of the quality brands I have had the pleasure of partnering with. Click their logo for a sample of my work in these awesome partnerships.

If you represent a product or service that meets the editorial feel of AZ DIY Guy's Projects and you believe it would be of interest to my readers, please feel free to contact me at:

Standard Practices


Loyalty: Sponsored campaigns must meet ethical and quality standards my readers deserve. I will not recommend a product or service I cannot believe in. However, I do not burn companies that I have agreed to work with, paid or unpaid. If I have a negative view of a product or service, I will make contact for clarification or correction. If it remains an obstruction, I will withdraw. No negative post would be published. I would communicate everything and provide quality, well thought out feedback. I have done so once in the past, when I simply could not give a positive review of a product in good conscience. 

Honesty: I do not falsely inflate my views of sub-par products, just because a company comped or paid me. I have to be trustworthy to my readers. I do have a natural inclination for a positive attitude when it comes to products in my genre. Again, I will discuss any major concerns.

Social Media: I share all my posts across my social media. I welcome shares, comments, likes etc, with back-links and / or credit as appropriate. I'm pleased to engage, with readers, brands, and fellow bloggers.

Safety: I am a safety nut. Period. My day job has a safety management component and I know how serious it is. I've been injured on a construction site; I learned my lesson the hard way. Feel free to review my blog. Look for my utilization of personal protective equipment and my work practices to be assured I will continue in the same way. I actually read instructions. I have a electrician background as well. I always offer disclaimers and safe guidance. See my standard "scary warning" on all my electrical posts (below). 

Liability: I do not speak as the brand,  I am not tech support. I speak as myself. I have no authority to speak on anyone's behalf. "100% my opinion" I make this clear. 

Disclosures: I am transparent. I disclose the relationship as it is to my readers and utilize proper linking protocol to avoid a Google-juice penalty. 

Message: With guidance and talking points. I'm sure I can be accommodating as long as I can remain genuine as I share it.

Authorship: I generate 100% of the content for AZ DIY Guy and do not currently offer publishing of posts created by brands. I can, however, include brand-authored descriptions, technical data, and images as appropriate, as part of a an article I have created.

I do not need filler content for this blog. Engage with me across the site and / or my social media channels and I will probably engage back, I'm happy to do so, if you have something interesting. BUT, believe it or not, my readers are not looking for me to publish free and "exiting" infographics and back-links to products and services thousands of miles away, that I have not experienced and cannot ethically recommend. I get tons offers for externally produced content and simply cannot respond to each offer, with a proper, "no thank you".  If you are open to other approaches to get your message out, let's talk.


Thank you for your interest in AZ DIY Guy.

I look forward to working with you and being part of your campaign's success.